Dynamic Duo, Avengers Initiative 2: Age of Palooza (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 121, July 19th, 2015)

“Aside from seeing (John) choked out, there are other good reasons to come to the (Paul-E-Palooza) conference… For the price of one weekend of training, and really a very affordable weekend of training at $300, you can sample 21 trainers, and decide do I want to spend a whole weekend with Greg Elifritz, or Chuck Haggard, or Chris Fry. You can try them out for a 2 hour or 4 hour block to get a taste of their material, and decide who you want to train with later.” – William Aprill


We have the dynamic duo back on the show! William Aprill aaaaaaanndddd Sherman House both join us to discuss the third Paul E Palooza training conference coming up on August 15th and 16th just outside of Garrettsville, OH. Also, it’s been a long while but John manages to hang up on both guests right off the bat! And that’s just the beginning. Sherman and William talk about how the conference benefits the children of the late Paul Gomez, the array of trainers and classes they’re offering, and answer some of the common questions about the training conference. Once his McDonalds order is complete, Sherman has to split leaving William and John to discuss the recent attack on military recruiting stations. It’s an informational and entertaining show, so don’t miss it!!

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