The Melody of Training (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 122, July 26th, 2015)

“I really do think that some people think of the human body like it’s a balloon. And if you just poke holes in it, the blood will come out, and that it doesn’t matter where you hit them, an equal amount of blood will come out no matter where. (Then) eventually they’ll just bleed to death and go away. That’s not how the body works. The body is a very efficient and miraculous machine, that takes quite a bit of accuracy to stop efficiently.” – Melody Lauer


We welcome Melody Lauer back again, as she discusses some points and topics of her recent article in Lucky Gunner. John finds how un-funny he is without The Minion to laugh at his jokes. Melody talks with John about such things as self defense myths, the importance of being able to think while handling a firearm, and some of the less talked about topics in the training world. Melody talks about differing views of trainers and how some tend to twist those views to justify not training for a certain situation. Plus, is making accurate shots really something we need to train to do? All this and more!!!


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