After 4,000 Rounds

Time to clean the Wilson Combat 9mm Protector Professional test gun. Total round count since getting it back from them, and since I touched it other than to shoot or lube it, is 4,150. I took it out to Iowa for Rob Pincus‘ CFS class where it ran spectacularly, until, I let Rob shoot it after the class. It had two failures to extract, one right after another, due to a combination of a spectacularly dirty chamber, amazingly fouled extractor, weak WWB ammo, and negative vibes from Pincus. This AFTER it had gone 4,000 rounds without any maintenance whatsoever mind you. I guess 4″ 9mm 1911’s are a bit more reliable than people think… We’re cleaning it now and are going to let it run again until it stops. Anybody wanna take an over/under on it making it another 4,000 rounds without cleaning?

WC1911 6-24-15

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