How Much Active Shooter Knowledge Could a Chuck Haggard Chuck? (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 117, June 21st, 2015)

“It’s a really bad idea to carry a gun if you don’t have the ability to apply deadly force when you need to. That’s just a bad idea. A gun is not a talisman, it’s not a good luck charm, it’s not bad guy repellant. It’s a tool of deadly force.” – Chuck Haggard


Chuck Haggard joins us for another Ballistic Radio episode to talk about the subject of active shooters, why they happen, and his own personal experiences with them. Chuck covers some things to think about as an individual who wants to prepare for an active shooter scenario, and how personal skill, training, and equipment determine one’s decision on responding to and trying to stop an active shooter. He talks about the importance of just being armed, and being able to get gunfire/tactical pressure on the shooter. We discuss why having a “truck gun” or long rifle in an active shooter incident could have a negative outcome for you. Additionally, we talk about why having medical training and supplies for a mass casualty incident could be critical in reducing number of lives lost.

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