User Question Episode VII, The Facebook Awakens (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 116, June 14th, 2015)

“It is very easy to do choreographed drills… and over-inflate your estimation of (your) skill. I think that it is very important to incorporate decision making and ambiguity into your training. Whether that’s in live fire or force on force is up to you, but… if you’re not challenging yourself or you’re not feeling challenged, you’re probably not doing it right.” – John Johnston


You have questions, we have answers… hopefully. It’s time, once again, to take a handful of questions the Facebook users have asked and answer them on air. We talk about everything from how adrenaline affects you under stress to handgun thumb placement to properly manage recoil. John discusses odd ball calibers, gives his opinion of .300 Blackout, and what the best piece of advice he’s gotten in his career is in relation to firearms. Plus, The Minion shows up tardy to the party. Will he keep his job? Probably, but listen anyways to find out!

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