The Knife As A Primary (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 63 – May 25th, 2014)

“If you’re planning on using it defensively I would always recommend a fixed blade, every, single, time.” -Ian Wendt

John sits down with Ian Wendt of Special Circumstances Inc. to discuss the utility of knives as a primary self-defense tool. In addition to their implementation and design Ian and John discuss features to consider when selecting a carry knife, as well as what to look for in a knife carry method. Open carry is also brought up, which is ironic because this episode was recorded before the Chipotle debacle. Check it out

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  1. says: jim

    Ian’s comments on edged weapons instruction, were specifically directed at Sayoc Kali. I’m fine with healthy criticism, however, his comments (here and on various forums) are based off of his experience of the system, which appears limited to watching a couple short video clips on the internet.

    There is no perineum slash in the 3of9 template, as he describes it.

    Also, nobody in the system is under the impression that you’ll actually hit an abdominal aorta with a 3 inch blade, or single handed, as he describes it.

    Ian Mentioned how he doesn’t like seeing folks spread bad information. I can appreciate that stance and hope he applies that principle to himself in the future.

  2. says: Ian Wendt

    I don’t actually mention a “perineum slash” at all. The word I use is “Peritoneum”. Which is the serous membrane that lines the abdominal cavity and that particular structure would indeed be involved in the templates I refer to. And while I freely admit that I’m basing this on seeing nothing but videos of drilling, the particular drills I’m referring to are demoed by the founders of the system. With a knife that is only about 4-5 inches and wielded one-handed. I’ll happily take a class with any of these systems, but based on the material that the founders of the system themselves are presenting, I have seen NOTHING that even remotely looks like it’s based in reality.
    But hey, that’s my opinion. Yours obviously differs.

    Also, it’s a bit more than just a “couple” of videos. Just a tiny bit. Like, at least 3.

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