I Only Carry When I Need To…

I’m willing to bet money that we all have at one time or another heard someone utter the above words. Here’s the problem with the above logic. If you know that you’re going somewhere you will need a gun why would you go there in the first place? Well the obvious answer to that is you wouldn’t go there at all, so where’s the breakdown in logic occurring? If you decide to carry a firearm for your own personal protection then it needs to be an ALL THE TIME thing. The gun is not some sort of fashion accessory that you put on when you want to make an extra impression, or you’re attending the black tie dinner of violent encounters.


To steal a sentiment from Tamara, make the gun a normal part of your wardrobe and leave it the hell alone. I don’t just wear my seatbelt when I think I’ll need it, I just wear it. I don’t just put batteries in my smoke detector when I think there’s going to be a fire, I just keep them changed. Notice a trend here?


It’s a piece of life saving equipment, just like a seatbelt, smoke detector, airbags, etc… Treat it as such.

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