The Better Angels Of Our Nature (SEASON 8, EPISODE 320)

“It turns out that being right on the facts doesn’t change behavior, but, there are other things that do. So without arguing a single fact you can actually reduce somebodies support for gun control just by introducing complexity into the conversation. So you don’t have to win any points. You don’t have to prove yourself right. You don’t have to prove them wrong, and they never ever ever have to admit that they’re wrong on anything, but you can still change their behavior and that’s the part that really matters.” -Sarah Cade Hauptman 

On today’s episode of Ballistic Radio Sarah Cade Hauptman of Guns Guide To Liberals joins the show to talk more about how we can communicate in a way to advance the 2A platform. Are our pre-conceived notions hurting how we try and advance our cause? Are there ways we can be more effective and also improve the overall quality of our day to day life? On paper should John and Sarah even be friends? All that and more! Check it out! Remember Ballistic Radio is brought to you by Centurion Arms, hard use rifles and accessories, at easy day prices. Visit them online at 

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