Ohio Legislation And You (Podcast – Ballistic Radio Episode 2 – March 17, 2013)

‘We have some very powerful fabric here in Ohio. You can have your handgun exposed and you’re  perfectly law abiding. As soon as a piece of fabric covers it, if you don’t have a concealed handgun license you’re suddenly a felon. So thats some pretty powerful fabric.” – Joe Eaton

We made it to a second episode! Our guest in studio for the show is Joe Eaton, who is the southwest region leader with Buckeye Firearms.   Buckeye Firearms is an Ohio state political action committee  that wants to defend and expand the rights of Ohio citizens to legally own firearms, and is a volunteer organization. John and Joe discuss the introduction of Senate bill 18, House bill 495, and how they may affect you. Officer notification with a concealed carry permit is brought up as well as training and arming school employees.


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