Ohio Gun Laws & NFA (Podcast – Ballistic Radio Episode 1 – March 10, 2013)

“We really all want to be ambassadors for the sport… and for the gun movement. You run into a lot of people… where you’re completely biased against what they’re saying just based of off who they are or how they’re saying it. And one of the important things, I think, is to present the gun industry and the sports just in a positive light and kind of an intelligent light,  as opposed to the redneck hillbilly aspect that some of the people that don’t seem to know any better think about us.” – John Johnston


John and Kyle from Kyle’s Gun Shop introduce listeners to the shiny new Ballistic Radio show! For the show’s inaugural guest Derek DeBrosse from OhioGunLaywer.com is brought into the studio. We discuss aspects of concealed carry in the state of Ohio, such as how to obtain your concealed carry permit and where you can legally carry. As well we delve into your responsibilities when carrying a concealed fire arm, fire arms rights restoration, and how to go about purchasing title 2 items (machine guns, suppressors, etc.) from a class 3 dealer.

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