Everything Ends (SEASON 9 EPISODE 355)

“The bad things in life are inevitable. Disease, death and loss are coming for all of us, no matter what. But the good things in life are optional, and they are dependent on our behavior and our orientation. You need to set yourself up to enjoy those good things, because the bad things are coming no matter what you do.” -Kirk

Kirk, the newest member of Citizens Defense Research, is back again this week to discuss philosophy, how it relates to shooting, and how it can help us be better practitioners of self defense. How does our mindset affect our shooting ability? What does overthinking do to our shooting performance? How can we overcome our mental road blocks in order to become more efficient and effective defenders? Why are setbacks a good thing? All that and more in this weeks episode! Ballistic Radio is brought to you by Big Tex Ordnance, where every customer is a friend, not just an order.

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