Strange Days (SEASON 8, EPISODE 323)

STRANGE DAYS, Ralph Fiennes, Angela Bassett, 1995, TM and Copyright (c)20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved.

“So the list of things that you would kill and die for is something that you’ve got to sit down and really think about. It feels kind of morbid but you gotta know how you’re wired because your nature gets a vote, and if a circumstance that activates your instincts, your protection gears, happens in front of you you’re gonna do what you’re wired to do, whether it’s a good idea or not. So it’s a really important thing to know in advance; what is going to activate my need to intervene?” -William Aprill 

THE William Aprill, of Aprill Risk Consulting makes a glorious reappearance on Ballistic Radio to discuss, strange days. Are we more at risk for violence from “non-criminals”? What factors have lead up to a rise in ambient violence? What are the questions EVERYONE should ask themselves as tensions rise? All that and more! Remember Ballistic Radio is brought to you by Centurion Arms, hard use rifles and accessories, at easy day prices. Visit them online at 

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