Behind The Curtain (Podcast – Season 6, Ballistic Radio Episode 275, October 14th, 2018)

“There’s always a battle in product management in the companies in the firearms business of, ‘Hey, I want this product to do this,’ and as the sales guy, product management guy, and the engineer–who may have just been engineering washing machines in his previous position–and they know 100 times more [about engineering] than the guns guy… and you’ve got to have a solid blend of those things to get great products out.” –Mark Hanish 


It’s a unique episode with the man of lumens. Mark Hanish of Surefire joins the show to talk about so many great things we gun people want to know, like why do some AR-15s cost $400 while others cost $800? Why do some products start out great and then deteriorate over time? What does panic-buying do for the industry at large? How does it help it? But how does it hurt it as well? And when it comes to lights, what are some new products coming out and what is driving some of that technology?

In this snapshot behind the curtain of a major retailer in the industry we can learn a little more about what goes into the products we use day to day. Don’t miss the opportunity to sneak a peek.

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