Geometry vs. Basket Making (Trust Us, We Have Microphones) (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 104, March 22nd, 2015)

“I think too many people haven’t put the work in to understand what a training scar truly is, where they come from, and how to have one or not have one, and what it takes for that to happen. The usefulness of competition, and I think quite frankly, too many “tactical” people…  can’t shoot, or they’re afraid to put their ego on the line, and get up in front of other people and shoot.” – Chuck Haggard

We here, at Ballistic Radio, love when people stop by the studio to chat. And for this episode we’re graced with the presence  of  Mr. Chuck Haggard. Wait, what do we talk about though? How about whatever we can think of! Such as; isosceles vs. Weaver style shooting stances, the importance of where your trigger finger is positioned on the gun, and being ego invested in your firearm or gear. Plus, we discuss what training scars are and how exactly you get them. But that’s not all! We introduce the completely new concept of training! Ok, so we may have talked about that one or twice, but this time we talk about how training gives you the ability to articulate why did what you. Which may just save your hind end if you find yourself in court.

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