The Golden Age of Self Defense (Podcast – Season 5, Ballistic Radio Episode 239, January 28th, 2018)

“We have more gun choices, more equipment choices, more ammunition choices, more good choices in training… this is the best time in all of history for somebody who wants to learn how to take care of themselves.” — Tom Givens


Not many people are aware of the changes that have happened in the firearms industry in the last few decades. People coming into the industry today have a host of options available to them that were simply not available even thirty years ago. On this episode of Ballistic Radio we are joined once again by the legendary, Tom Givens.

Tom has been a full-time firearms instructor for the last 22 years and was involved in law-enforcement for the 25 years prior to that. For the last half-century he has watched the industry, equipment, and training evolve. Tom regales us with tales of the 70s and 80s and what was available to the law enforcement officer or civilian who wanted to carry a firearm. He takes us on a journey of advancement in everything from holster technology, to ammunition, training techniques, competition, and firearms themselves.

If you ever feel frustrated from seeming lack of options, you won’t want to miss this episode as a lesson as to how far the industry has come.


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