If You Can’t Get It Done in 8, 6, 7, or 5… (Podcast – Season 5, Ballistic Radio Episode 238, January 21st, 2018)

[Shooting a revolver] forces me to think more about making sure my hits are exactly where I want them to be instead of just being like, eeeeeh, I’ve got extra bullets in here I can toss a few freebees down range.”–Caleb Giddings


Whatever happened to the wheel-gun? In the last thirty years we’ve seen a sharp decline in interest in the revolver in both carry and in competition. Those proficient in the way of the revolver seem to be aging quickly and are becoming fewer in numbers. So why is a relatively young man like Caleb Giddings to dedicating so much time and effort into the platform?

Caleb is a Master class revolver shooter with multiple Top 5 finished at IDPA Nationals in addition to being a US Air Force Combat Arms Instructor. Caleb joins Ballistic Radio to talk about revolvers, why he still thinks their relevant, and their use for those who carry firearms for self defense or just want to get better at shooting.

If you’ve ever been a fan of the wheel-gun, or aren’t sure if it’s something you might want to pick up one day, you will want to listen to this episode.


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