Red Dots, By The Numbers (Podcast – Season 5, Ballistic Radio Episode 236, January 7th, 2018)

“We are constantly correcting the movement of the gun during the presentation based on what we see, and the thing that is the challenge with the red dot is you have to learn what you’re looking at and how to make those corrections as the gun is coming up. And eventually, if you do enough repetitions, you don’t have to make so many corrections because you eventually find the path the gun needs to travel to get you from point A to point B as quickly as possible.” –Karl Rehn


If you are still on the fence about red dots, you might be interested in what our next guest, Karl Rehn, has to add to the conversation. Karl Rehn is a Grand Master in USPSA Carry Optics division and has conducted an extensive study on carry optics and their uses, pros, and cons. This study was meant to filter theory from fact in a time when anyone with a keyboard can throw an opinion out as fact.

Karl has gathered the data and now he’s here to talk about it with us. Listen in to hear what conclusions he came to when he put carry optics to the test and how they stacked up with other sighting systems such as iron sights and lasers.


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