Spicy Treats For Every Day Carry (Podcast – Season 5, Ballistic Radio Episode 224, September 17th, 2017)

“If you use enough force, early enough, you don’t have to use more force later to dig yourself out of a hole.” — Chuck Haggard


Just one mention of pepper spray in a self-defense related discussion and all hell breaks loose! This poorly regulated, trained and understood product can stir more controversy than 9mm vs .45ACP! Thankfully, we have Chuck Haggard here to help educate, separate fact from fiction, and provide insight into some of the myths that have persisted about this valuable defensive tool.

Maybe you’ve believed that pepper spray was ineffective or that you’re more likely to do more harm to yourself then the bad guy. Perhaps you have believed that gels were better for defensive use or that it took a long time for sprays to be effective. Maybe you’ve heard that people can build up an immunity to spray. Chuck, whose subjected himself to being sprayed more than sixty times at this point, discusses these issues and more and helps us all understand where pepper spray might have a more prominent role in our self-defense than we previously believed.

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