[BLEEP] Your [BLEEPING] Standards! (Podcast – Season 5, Ballistic Radio Episode 202, March 26th, 2017)

“People tend to rise to the level of expectation that you have for them. They might not hit that high level right away but when you, as an instructor, show that you have faith in your students that they can do it, they’ll get there.” — Annette Evans


Ballistic Radio is pleased to [BLEEP] Annette Evans, former team SIG competitive shooter and owner of Race Street Range, to talk about standards, what they are in relation to shooting, how to set them, and what skill really looks like. Between all the cursing,  John and Jack playing footsie, and discussing where John went wrong in life, Annette discusses raising standards for new shooters. Additional topics also include how to encourage new shooters without lowering those standards as well as techniques that are taught to beginners that limit them later on in their development.

Annette also takes on the theories of women being better shooters/learners, and how we can positively encourage women in this industry and collectively raise the [BLEEPING] standards of shooters everywhere.

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