Darth MAWL C1+ (Podcast – Season 5, Ballistic Radio Episode 201, March 19th, 2017)

“Gear can’t fix or can’t replace training and skill but… if you don’t have the gear that can do a certain thing you can’t do it either.” — Don Edwards


It’s season five of Ballistic Radio and they are starting it off with Don Edwards from TNVC and Greenline Tactical to talk about the new MAWL C1+ laser, night vision, context in training and how people should go about shopping for their next class. Edwards explains how gear relates to your capabilities and how it can provide you with options or limit them based upon what you have available to you. He also discusses the importance of training with the gear that you have in order to maximize its effectiveness with your gear and what high levels of skills help with freeing the mind to focus on more complex tasks.

Whether you’re a gear nerd or training junkie you won’t want to miss this acronym-packed episode.

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