Just One More Episode (Podcast – Season 4, Ballistic Radio Episode 195, February 5th, 2017)

“The one that I am most interested in working dry, for me, is drawing the firearm and making the decision to not shoot… I don’t want it to be my automatic thing is that when the gun comes out there’s a trigger press.” — John Johnston

While horribly uncultured people were watching the Superbowl the Ballistic Radio crew was answering YOUR questions, and we know you were listening. That’s right. It’s another Facebook User question show. John, JackJack and Melody are here to weigh in on your questions.

You asked about optics, icecream, dry-fire practice and road trip music. The crew talked about whether tactical medicine should be required for those who carry firearms, what they liked most at SHOT show, and whether or not the shape of the housing matters on red dot optics. It’s a fun episode filled with random cat facts and JackJack’s distraction as a native Atlantan. Listen and enjoy the show.

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