Like A Haggard In The Dark (Podcast – Season 4, Ballistic Radio Episode 194, January 22nd, 2017)

“People who carry high-power flashlights at night are often assumed to be the po-po. On the streets, that’s who the bad guys see carrying lights all the time.” — Chuck Haggard


One of the show’s most frequent guests, Chuck Haggard or Agile Training, is back on the show to talk about All The Lumens. Haggard discusses weapon-mounted lights, their applicability to civilian self-defense in contrast with handhelds and other contexts. He presents the pros and cons of weapon-mounted lights, their limitations, when they might be advantageous and whether or not we should be rushing to put them on our carry guns. Haggard is also here to point out how to figure out if your training and gear is suitable for your personal mission and the reality in which you exist.

If you’ve been finding yourself in the midst of a battle of the lumens then you might want to listen to Chuck shine a little light on the topic.

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