Winning Versus Surviving (Podcast – Ballistic Radio Episode 38 – December 1, 2013)

“You gotta fight back. You gotta fight, you can’t freeze. You need to prep yourself for these violent encounters, and do it now. Don’t ever think you’re gonna rise to the occasion… You’re gonna fall back on your training.” – Jared Reston


Tonight we talk with Jared Reston of the Jacksonville, Florida Sheriffs Office  who survived being in a gunfight after it started with him being shot in the jaw and then an additional 6 times. Jared shares his personal story and gives his opinion on the importance of training, having the correct mindset, and chimes in on caliber selection. While Jared shares his story, John asks him at various points during the gunfight to elaborate on what was actually going on from a shooting standpoint. We have a few listeners call in and give a quick update on the SMK25 project.

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