The Mob Rules (Podcast – Season 4, Ballistic Radio Episode 186, November 20th, 2016)

“When you start seeing indications that the crowd is changing in temperament from one of maybe protest to one of violence you really need to get out of there as quickly as you can.” — Greg Ellifritz

Riots, mass protests and demonstrations are peppering the American landscape with many of them turning violent. Greg Ellifritz from Active Response Training joins Ballistic Radio tonight to discuss his experience and how to best avoid, escape and survive a riot. Between discussing how user-based GPS systems may be unreliable, the signs a mass event is about to turn violent and what kind of gear you might want to store in your car, Greg, John and JackJack discuss the merits of pepper spray grenades, how to best move through an advancing crowd and how to articulate the use of deadly force.

If you live or drive around hot spots for mass protests and demonstrations this is an episode you’ll want to listen to… twice.

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