Night Vision, Thermal, and Elephants, Oh My! (Podcast – Season 4, Ballistic Radio Episode 182, October 9th, 2016)

“You don’t have to have seen the elephant (or whatever your term for that is) to have a legitimate technique or skill that you are trying to teach somebody but you should understand what you’re teaching enough to be able to explain in. You should also be able to explain to them why you believe this is a good one and it shouldn’t be, ‘Because this is the only one I’ve been taught.'” — Don Edwards


Don Edwards from the Tactical Night Vision Company joins the crew to talk about night vision thermal and infrared lasers and lights, how they work, the application for civilians and all the ways that Hollywood gets it wrong. If you’ve ever been curious about sneaking around in the dark undetected, this is the episode for you! What are the strengths and weaknesses of standard night vision vs thermal? What can you see and how well can you see it? Why is JackJack stalking kids in parks while using night vision and John frightening his neighbors?

Don and John also talk about training, instructing and being able to articulate why instructors teach what they do. All this and more on tonight’s episode.

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