The Three Amigos (Podcast – Season 4, Ballistic Radio Episode 179, September 18th, 2016)

“A lot of people treat the weapon-mounted light as if it’s a flashlight with a gun attached to it. That’s not how that works! It’s a gun with a flashlight attached to it. The priority is treating it like a gun.” — John Johnston


There hasn’t been a Facebook user Question/Answer show in quite some time and never one that’s been quite this fun! John, JackJack and Melody are on air to answer your questions, make nerd references and disagree with one another for an entire hour (or, about forty-five minutes when you take out commercial breaks). Tonight they are answering questions about holsters, carry knives, what to look for in a local instructor, how to prepare for ECQC and whether or not you should carry a weapon-mounted light. Also, can you use night vision at a rave? Who didn’t turn off their phone in studio and why are Melody and JackJack playing Rock, Paper, Scissors?

All that and more on tonight’s episode.

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