Facebook User Questions: The Lunchbox (Podcast – Season 4, Ballistic Radio Episode 166, June 19th, 2016)

“If your de-escalation and avoidance skills are really good you never need any of the other skills.” — John Johnston


John and JackJack are here to answer your questions submitted via the Ballistic Radio Facebook Page. After discussing their individual shenanigans with night vision John and Jack dive into your queries about how to know whether the gear you are buying is doing what you intend it to do. This episode spans triggers for ARs, how to conceal at a wedding, ammo selection questions, whether or not impact weapons have a place in what you carry and whether or not you should consider cutting down on range time to afford a good class.

All this and more between JackJack busting out Eminem lyrics and potentially drawing down on John in studio. Listen and follow us on Facebook to get your own questions answered!

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