After Hours Episode 1 NSFW:LANGUAGE (Podcast: Ballistic Radio, After Hours Episode 1 April 3rd, 2014)

“…It’s important to remember that having a nice gun and going out to shoot every week is not the priority of a lot of people. There are a lot of people that don’t have any money and that does not mean that they have any less of a right to defend themselves than somebody who likes to buy H&K P7M13’s and actually carry them and shoot them. And that is where people get confused, and that is where the gun-snobbery happens, and that is where we alienate people we shouldn’t be alienating, and that’s where we squander opportunities to educate people as to why certain decisions are possibly not the best decisions to be making…” – John Johnston



John sits down with a group of well known, and not so well known, people after the Lone Star Medics 2014 Field & Tactical Medicine conference. Topics are so wide ranging that it’s not even possible to list them all. Alcohol was present, and John is easily distracted. Some topics include; The FBI Miami gunfight, The importance of having a gun, Bullet selection and why it probably doesn’t matter, Why the industry discounts ideas too easily or doubles down on the wrong ones, and some other stuff…

Present for the conversation…


Brian Tindle

Ian Wendt

Morgan Atwood

John Johnston

Peter Charles

Samuel B. Long

S. A. Bailey

Ellen Fagala

Taylor Mock

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      There is video of it, and it can be found under the Video tab on the page. It’s in 2 parts and down near the bottom.

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