‘Tis But A Flesh Wound: The Attitude Of Winning, Not Just Surviving (Podcast – Season 4, Ballistic Radio Episode 158, April 17th, 2016)

“Three [bullets] made really good punctures and the fourth one kind of grazed me. So, I don’t really count the fourth one.” — Jared Reston

John and JackJack welcome Jared Reston from Reston Group Critical Solutions back to the show to talk about several aspects surrounding gunfights, and how best to prepare for them. Best known for his second gunfight, which began when he was shot in the mouth at close range with a .45 ACP, Jared discusses what he felt during that fight, and how he had mentally prepared beforehand. Additionally, he shares his thoughts regarding a few common myths about gunfighting. Can you see your sights during a fight? Is .45 better than 9mm? How did he feel about taking a life? Jared answers these questions and also shares his own advice for those of us who might face similar circumstances.

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