The Season 3 Is Down! (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 152, February 28th, 2016)

“As much as I like having the latest, greatest Blastomatic 9000 on my hip or shoved down the front of my pants. As much as I like having a light that will melt someone’s face off or a fixed-blade knife or a reload… A medical kit, training, a tourniquet–that would be my number one suggestion for things people overlook.” — John Johnston

Our season three finale is a Facebook user event with a line of great questions and giveaways. The authors of questions chosen to be read on air were entered to win an SSVI Tyr trigger and a Raven Concealment VG3 holster!

John answered questions about how much consideration an extra, but smaller cartridge gets in an Every Day Carry (EDC) revolver, how to find quality training in your area and what is the most overlooked EDC item. If you’ve ever wondered how often you should rotate your carry ammo or how to prepare yourself for no-shoot problems, then this is an episode you don’t want to miss.

How do you keep up with changing state laws and why #1 buck for a home defense shotgun? Listen to the season finale and find out why along with whether or not John has finally had a psychotic break, why JackJack is threatening John with bodily harm and who is that man in the corner?

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