Mood’s A Thing For Cattle And Love Play… Not Training (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 151, February 21st, 2016)

“If you’re comfortable during all of your training you’re probably not making a lot of progress.” — Ben Stoeger

Ballistic Radio welcomes 5-time US IPSC Nationals Production Champion Ben Stoeger to talk about the difference between competition “Gamers” and defensive “Tactical Timmies” and their differing styles of shooting and training. Ben discusses how he manages and teaches recoil management and trigger control as well as how he encourages the most speed out of his students.

Can defensive shooters learn anything from competition shooting? Are there any bad habits that carry over from sport shooting?

Ben answers all those questions and more and talks about the importance in having fun while you strive to be a better shooter, no matter your goals.

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