The Importance Of Being Ernest, Langdon (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 133, October 11th, 2015)

Ernest Langdon begins to reload from slide-lock while JJRG runs the timer...

“It was kind of instilled in me… …that whatever you’re teaching there has to be whys behind it. You can’t just say ‘Do it like this’ you have to explain why. Because understanding the whys behind the technique is what validates it and makes people really understand the reasoning’s behind doing it a certain or specific way.” -Ernest Langdon

Everyone at Ballistic Radio, especially Andy, is really excited this episode. Why? Because Ernest Langdon joins us to slaughter some of the more prolific sacred cows of self defense shooting “fundamentals”. Trigger reset, Surprise breaks, movement, force on force, why the WHY is so important… We cover it all!

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