To Shoot or Not To Shoot, An Important Question (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 115, June 7th, 2015)

“We always base our current performance, or how we think we’d do in a fight (or) altercation, on the best us that we know. And the best us that we know, may not be who we are right now.” – Craig Douglas


Craig Douglas of  Shiv Works joins us this week, as he drives to Goshen, Indiana for a training class. Craig talks about his stint as an undercover officer and how sometimes it’s important to be able to develop tactics on the fly. He discusses legal shootings, (a.k.a. a justifiable homicide) and the importance of being able to make a no shoot decision. On the training side, Craig talks about adding ambiguity and making sure to pressure test your training. John and Craig get into the ego as John recalls getting his butt handed to him at his first ECQC. Plus, Craig talks about the tendency of one to base current performance on how we think we’d do, or the best ‘us’ we know.

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