Training, Practice, and Shooting Standards (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 111, May 10th, 2015)


“What we’re not doing, I think, in the training community is emphasizing enough about, that you need to practice after training to really ingrain the skills that you learn in training.” – Claude Werner


Joining us once again, The Tactical Professor himself, Mr. Claude Werner. We discuss a slew of topics on the show including; psychological stops vs. shooting accurately to physically stop an attacker, the fact that we don’t care if a bad guy lives or dies, just that they stop what they are doing, and realizing that if an attacker isn’t stopped with body shots, maybe we need to aim for the head. In addition, Claude takes about training vs. practice and it’s correlation to unconscious or conscious competence. Plus, picking training protocols that have a high probability of success, and making sure to constantly increase your personal shooting standard. John and Claude also discuss the recent event in Garland, Texas.

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