In a China Shop (SEASON 10 EPISODE 365)

“If you choose to prioritize spending your money on things other than high-level training, you still have an inherent right to self-defense (and) you deserve a reliable gun that fits within your budget.” -Caleb Giddings


Joining us on Ballistic Radio is the new Brand Marketing Manager for Taurus USA, Caleb Giddings… Wait, what? In this week’s episode John and Caleb address some of the raging bulls in the room. Does affordable automatically mean low quality? What changes inside the company have everyone suddenly talking about Taurus? Do the people discussing quality control online actually understand what quality control is? Are the firing schedules that serious practitioners subject their guns to realistic for normal people? Can John and Caleb stay on topic for an entire episode? All that and more! Ballistic Radio is brought to you by Big Tex Ordnance, where every customer is a friend, not just an order. Visit them online at

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