The Newhall Massacre of 1970 (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 107, April 12th, 2015)

“I was driving to work as a computer operator when I turned the corner on the Old Road and saw the gunfire, I saw two CHP cars and a red car. I always say my brain said to get out of the way, but my feet ran the wrong way.” – Gary Kness, private citizen who intervened during the Newhall Massacre…

“For some reason everybody thinks that they’re going to get confronted by some crackhead with a Raven, and nobody ever stops to think about how bad the bad guys can be. ” – John Hearne

This week John Hearne joins to us to discuss the  1970 Newhall Massacre., and the lessons we can learn from it. Mr. Hearne talks about the importance of tailoring your training  and equipment to match your likely response to an unexpected violent encounter. Additionally,  it is demonstrated  the event that sometimes the bad guys are not only well trained and equipped, but also highly motivated.

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