Dynamic Duo, Avenger Initiative (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 72 – July 27th, 2014)

“If you trained people to be rapid, pressure adaptive thinkers by teaching them the process of an OODA loop, you can resist the temptation to get stuck in a schema or in a paradigm that doesn’t fit the circumstance. If your schema is impermeable to new data, you’re stuck.”  -William Aprill

This episode has two guests! Dr. Sherman House and THE William Aprill join us as we go into a bit more detail about the upcoming Paul-E-Palooza training conference. Dr. House and THE William discuss the TPI paradigm, violent criminal actors and their victim selection process, as well as how to better approach training. In addition we talk about some current events, our recent trip to Triple Aught Design in San Francisco, and provide a brief update on the test guns.

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