A Cop’s Perspective (Podcast – Ballistic Radio Episode 3 – March 24, 2013)

“Shooting people who don’t want to get shot is much much more difficult then people would think from watching movies or going to the range and shooting cooperative cardboard.” Lt. Chuck Haggard Topeka, KS PD


Third time is a charm! Tonight we speak with Lt. Chuck Haggard from the Topeka, KS PD and get his take on the topic of concealed carry.  John and Chuck talk about how having the mindset of  just “carrying when I think I’ll need it” is of poor rational. Chuck shares some of his personal experiences of when he needed a firearm in a place he wouldn’t have expected. Andy asks about the use of an AR-15 for home defense, which balloons into an informative discussion about the realities of a gun fight and the 3 reasons why people will stop what they’re doing once they’re struck by a bullet. Some of the experiences Chuck shares may be quite the eye opener.


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