Episode 100: Attack of the User Questions (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 100, February 22nd, 2015)

“The whole energy transfer or energy dump, is a very 1980′s concept… In handgun calibers specifically, though, energy transfer or hydrostatic shock is not something that really is part of the terminal ballistic equation. The only thing we’re looking at is the permanent crush cavity caused by the bullet…Then why do manufacturers list it?(Ft.-lbs. of energy) Because, once again, people that don’t know what they’re talking about think it’s important.” – John Johnston

100 episodes, hooray!!!! We can’t thank you guys enough for letting us be on the air for any remote amount of time, let alone this long. Ballistic Radio wouldn’t be what it is without the fans. So, what better way to thank you guys by answering some more of your online questions. Oh, but that’s not all. We have a very special prize from SKD Tactical for the best question. And what are some of those questions that we answer? Well, we answer such questions as; should you test your carry ammo in ballistic gel/water? Is there any sort of special training that lefties should be doing? What are the pros and cons of altering your carry gun? What can we, as a shooting community, do to promote a positive image for the shooting community? And many more! Plus, we find out what the Minion uses to cure a fever.

Shoot, Rinse, Repeat (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 99, February 15th, 2015)

“If you can’t do it right, you’re just doing it wrong. And practicing being wrong over and over and over again, you might get better doing it the wrong way, but you’re still doing it wrong. To a certain point you have to be doing it right before you should try doing it faster. But the mistake is to believe that if you keep getting smoother and smoother and smoother, speed will just happen by itself. The only way you get fast is by trying to be fast.” – Todd Green

This week, we’re glad to have Todd Green of Pistol-Training.com back on the show. Todd talks about having to relearn how to shoot after having issues with his right arm that led to several surgeries. John and Todd discuss the ‘slow is smooth and smooth is fast’ cliche’, and how to get faster with your shooting goals and priorities in mind.  And in an attempt to break the internet again, John and Todd talk about how 1911′s are the most fun pistol to shoot in the history of history! Plus Todd tells us about his charity, Rampage For The Cure.

The Costa Not Knowing Your Rights (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 98, February 8th, 2015)

“You could have the greatest mindset. You could be a master class shooter. But if you don’t think you’re allowed to engage a person with your firearm, and in reality you are, that hesitation could cost you everything.” – Chris Costa


Joining us for the show this week is the ever humble, Chris Costa. First and foremost, to get it out of the way, we talk to Chris about his recent trip to Japan, and negativity in the industry. But there’s a lot more to talk about then just recent internet drama. We talk to Chris about air soft, UTM and simunition for use with force on force training, and the value of force on force training. As well, Chris discusses the importance of knowing your legal rights and when to use deadly force, how more women are getting into the shooting community, and what’s coming up next for Chris and Costa Ludus.

You Can’t Stop The Ballistic Signal (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 97, February 1st, 2015)

“The greater capacity you have, the longer you’ve got in the fight, and generally the first person to run out of time loses in a gun fight. …Things that lose us time in a gun fight are misses, and running out of ammunition and having to reload. So, why does it matter? Well, if you’re reloading and the other guy is still shooting at you, THAT’S NOT GOOD. Same thing with misses. Even if you are getting hits on someone, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be effective hits.” – John Johnston


Ahh, live episodes! It’s been a few weeks since we’ve done a live show, but just like riding a bike, we’ve fallen off a few times, knocked our heads on the ground, forgot where we were for a bit, then joined traffic on the main roads, making sure to blow right through every stop sign in sight. So what do we talk about? The same question was in our heads as the opening music was playing. Fear not. We bring to you another fine quality show, talking about our ban from Facebook for bullying, Costagate ’15, and what interesting new products that were at Shot Show 2015.  John talks a bit about the subject of carry capacity, which was oddly the conversation that got us banned from Facebook. Plus, some of our loyal, non- Super Bowl watching fans call in with questions on hand gun self defense rounds, Shot Show products, and AR15 selection. And be sure to remember, you can’t stop the signal.

50 Shades Of Sniper Grey: Part Deux (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 96, January 25th, 2015)

“If (bad) guys are coming to our soil, make no mistake that they are the worst of the worst, and they are absolutely committed. It will be a fight to the death. Either your death or their death, but somebody is dying. And you better be mentally prepared for it, and you’d better be physically prepared for it, and you better have the training and equipment to support it.” – Jeff Gonzales

It’s part two of our super, mega episode with Jeff Gonzales and we’re talking about whatever we can come up with. The conversation ranges from differences in front sight usage to what everyone is excited to see at Shot Show. Along the way, we also talk about levels of preparation, the importance of testing your carry gear, and Jeff’s recent article on the Charlie Hebdo attack. Plus Jeff fills us in on what’s coming up this year for Trident Concepts.

50 Shades Of Sniper Grey: A Piston AR Tale (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 95, January 18th, 2015)

“People sometimes can get tied to ideas because they’re invested in it emotionally. And I try to remind people (they) cannot afford to to be invested emotionally into anything. This is a very humble art form. …You have to maintain that humility and you have to be constantly trying to improve yourself. If you get comfortable, danger is lurking for you around the corner.” – Jeff Gonzales


What a crazy, crazy, crazy week it’s been. After a LONG week at Shot Show 2015, we’re pleased to bring you the episode from right before Shot Show, that we recorded before leaving for Shot Show, but is being  posted after Shot Show. Everybody get that? Good! This is part 1 of a 2 part show where we talk with Jeff Gonzales from Trident Concepts. We talk to Jeff about the new LWRC Tricon MK6  piston driven AR15, it’s development, and officially announce our 20,000 round torture test of the new rifle. As well, we discuss why people are so tied to their beliefs and tend not to try and do any critical thinking outside of their own bubble. Plus, what did those barn yard animals say?

At Last We Will Reveal Ourselves To The Derp-Herders (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 94, January 11th, 2015)

“Convincing someone to do something, though, is a terrible idea. If (an individual) doesn’t want to carry, they’re not going to carry, and even if you do, through peer pressure, convince them to do it, they’re not going to do it well and they’re not going to take it seriously. So the only thing you can do is present information, if they’re willing to receive it. Other than that, you don’t want to be the dudes out in the shirts and ties, on your bicycles saying, ‘Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about concealed carry?’.” – John Johnston


Facebook is a magical place where well structured, friendly debates occur, and everyone realizes that their opinion is just an opinion and it’s ok if people don’t always agree… And I ride a magical unicorn to work every morning that craps out bacon wrapped Twinkies . Facebook is useful for something, though, and that something is taking your questions to answer on air!

That’s exactly what we’ve done for you again, and this time we swear we’ll get those patches out (or else The Minion gets it). One topic that gets covered is whether gun forums should require a valid driver’s license to actively participate, to encourage accountability. We discuss whether convincing your spouse to carry is a good idea, and conversely, if we should be discouraging friends who aren’t proficient with a firearm from carrying. Medical gear carry is brought up, and just what exactly do you do if someone’s wife owes money all over town and your rug gets peed on because you have the same last name as the husband of said dead-beat wife.

Staging Vs. Storing Firearms, And How Not To Be A Fanboy (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 93, January 4th, 2015)

“A lot of people in our community will bristle up at the idea of responsible firearms staging. Because they immediately say, ‘Well, you’re being a wuss. You’re pandering to the gun control advocates. You’re trying to be politically correct.’, and I fully disagree. I think that responsible storage is something that we should do, and responsible storage isn’t something that we should feel like gets in the way of our being prepared to defend ourselves.” – Rob Pincus


Happy New Year, everyone! We kick off the first episode of the new  year with Rob Pincus. And Rob Pincus kicks off the first show of the new year with some shameless self promotion! Hooray! That’s not all, though. Rob and John talk about being able to question instructors, and how being able to explain why we do what we do is better then just being an internet fanboy. Also, Rob talks about storing vs. staging a firearm, and why “clearing” your house is a bad idea. Plus, are instructors who have been in a gunfight better teachers? Listen up and find out!

Train, Train, Traaaain, Budget Training for Yoouuuu (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 92, December 28th, 2014)

“Shooting is only 10% of gunfighting. The problem is it’s a fun activity so a lot of people isolate their training to just the shooting. And the shooting is important, but its a foundational skill. It is not the be all end all. Anyone who sits down and really defines their mission, anyone with an average I.Q., can quickly figure out there’s a whole bunch of other things they’re going to need to know how to do.” – John Chapman


It’s finally done! The KAC test rifle hit the 20,000 round mark this past week, and we give you a final on-air update. But the real star of the show is John Chapman of LMS Defense, who joins us to talk about training on a budget. John talks about defining your own specific purpose for training and developing a plan to keep from wasting precious training time. He emphasizes the value of having a training partner and a mentor to keep on track. As well,the Johns talk about training DVD’s, dry fire practice, and why self-discipline is a major factor in successful training.

The Doctor Is In (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 91 – December 21st, 2014)

“If we can’t manage something preemptively in our environment, and it escalates into a threat, and if we… can’t manage that threat, we can’t control how far it will escalate.” -Dr. William Aprill

Following an extremely informative class the previous day, we finally get Dr. William Aprill in studio. William talks about exactly why we train, and possibly how bad training could be worse then no training at all. As well, we discuss establishing risk and capacity profiles, and the idea of pre-need decision making. Plus, how can we, as a shooting community, get better at helping individuals enter into our super awesome club of  funness and badassdom. Listen up and find out.