All the Lumens!!! (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 126, August 23rd, 2015)

“Constantly be reevaluating what you need to be training yourself on. Because you are responsible for training you. Not the guy you’re paying to stand with you on the range. You should be there to get specific things out of him… I go into every class with a plan. If I’m going to learn, whatever it is i pick out who I want to learn from next, and I go there with specific objectives that match their course objectives. I keep track of what I’m doing and I maintain those skills on my own. If the only time you train is when you’re paying somebody to stand there to watch you, you’re never going to ingrain the skills enough to not look over your gun in a real situation.” – John Chapman


John Chapman of Raven Concealment joins us to talk about a slew of topics. We get Chappy’s take on weapon mounted lights, reasons for having a weapon mounted light, and his explanation of the unit of measure known as lumens. He talks about doing dry practice with a weapon mounted light in your own home. Chappy gives his insight on skills, techniques and procedures to train for real world situations.  The Johns talk about the Alliance Police Training facility, it’s world class instructors, and the shoot house classes. Plus, a little bit about Raven’s new holster about to hit the market.

Performance Under Stress (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 125, August 16th, 2015)

“Stress is stress. The body doesn’t recognize different forms of stress. Its just either ramped up or it’s not… A lot of people want to say that competition is a different form of stress. No it isn’t. At a chemical level it’s the exact same thing, which is why it is all valuable. Everything is useful to some degree.” – John Hearne

Time to cram 8 hours worth of material into a 40 minute show. John  Hearne joins us this time, to talk about human performance under stress. John talks about the “quivering mass of Jell-o” theory, and how removing novelty can deter an undesired reaction to an unexpected situation. Mr. Hearne discusses myelination, which is basically physically rewiring the brain to be able to better perform actions, and how we accomplish myelination. As well, John talks about; how all forms of stress are useful, that an elevated heart rate does not equal failure, and how physical condition relates directly to performance.

Cheessa Neenjah Mah Wongee Facebook Show (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 124, August 9th, 2015)

“I have no problem dealing with a problem not wearing any clothes. It’s probably not going to be the worst thing that happens to that dude or dudette that night, in all honesty. And if it’s some other non-life threatening issue, then, well, I’m not real shy… Having watched “Die Hard” as a kid, though, and having watched John McClane run through broken glass at the beginning of that movie, and having to deal with it… I am a big proponent of putting some sort of foot protective thing on.” – John Johnston


We love our Facebook users…. usually. We’ve done yet another show revolving around you, the listeners, questions. “Are these good questions?”, you ask. Why yes… yes they are. At least we felt so. “Will I learn something from your answers to these questions?” We certainly hope you do. “What topics do these questions revolve around?” I’m glad you asked. We talk about such things as; John’s thoughts on the complexity of running a shotgun, what defines a gun’s “fit” for an individual, and what’s the best method of shooting for folks who are cross eye dominant. Plus we get John’s take on what to do if things go bump in the night, and you like to sleep in your birthday suit. There’s plenty of silliness and plenty more questions. You don’t want to miss out on this episode!

Deep Fry’d Training (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 123, August 2nd, 2015)

“Our egos trick us into believing we can do certain things, and we have preconceived notions based upon how we do in the dojo or how we do on the range. The thing about ECQC is it dispels  all those preconceived notions and it’s a great ego buster. There’s nothing better then a good ass beating to put your ego in check.” – Chris Fry


Chris Fry of MDTS training joins us yet another fun filled show revolving around training. Chris talks about how his training in more of a civilian rather then law enforcement or military context. He discusses how things such as his personal experiences and ECQC have changed the way he trains. We also touch on egos and the importance of failure. Plus, John and Chris talk shotguns!

The Melody of Training (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 122, July 26th, 2015)

“I really do think that some people think of the human body like it’s a balloon. And if you just poke holes in it, the blood will come out, and that it doesn’t matter where you hit them, an equal amount of blood will come out no matter where. (Then) eventually they’ll just bleed to death and go away. That’s not how the body works. The body is a very efficient and miraculous machine, that takes quite a bit of accuracy to stop efficiently.” – Melody Lauer


We welcome Melody Lauer back again, as she discusses some points and topics of her recent article in Lucky Gunner. John finds how un-funny he is without The Minion to laugh at his jokes. Melody talks with John about such things as self defense myths, the importance of being able to think while handling a firearm, and some of the less talked about topics in the training world. Melody talks about differing views of trainers and how some tend to twist those views to justify not training for a certain situation. Plus, is making accurate shots really something we need to train to do? All this and more!!!


Dynamic Duo, Avengers Initiative 2: Age of Palooza (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 121, July 19th, 2015)

“Aside from seeing (John) choked out, there are other good reasons to come to the (Paul-E-Palooza) conference… For the price of one weekend of training, and really a very affordable weekend of training at $300, you can sample 21 trainers, and decide do I want to spend a whole weekend with Greg Elifritz, or Chuck Haggard, or Chris Fry. You can try them out for a 2 hour or 4 hour block to get a taste of their material, and decide who you want to train with later.” – William Aprill


We have the dynamic duo back on the show! William Aprill aaaaaaanndddd Sherman House both join us to discuss the third Paul E Palooza training conference coming up on August 15th and 16th just outside of Garrettsville, OH. Also, it’s been a long while but John manages to hang up on both guests right off the bat! And that’s just the beginning. Sherman and William talk about how the conference benefits the children of the late Paul Gomez, the array of trainers and classes they’re offering, and answer some of the common questions about the training conference. Once his McDonalds order is complete, Sherman has to split leaving William and John to discuss the recent attack on military recruiting stations. It’s an informational and entertaining show, so don’t miss it!!

A Sinister New Facebook Show Emerges From the Underworld (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 120, July 12th, 2015)

“Given the right situation, it might be better to just draw and burn somebody down as fast as you can while you have the advantage of surprise, rather than try to move to cover/concealment, possibly get shot at while you’re doing that, and then engage the threat. People are always looking for these black or white answers to these questions, but you don’t really know until you’re in that situation.” – John Johnston


We asked for questions and everyone delivered…. big time. Our latest show took in a whopping 150 or so questions from the Facebook users to be answered live on air. Of course, we couldn’t answer everyones’s question, but we did get to some of the ones that we thought were the best and beneficial to everyone. We get right to it and talk about; informing friends and co-workers that you carry a firearm, pelvic girdle shots as an alternative target, and preferred zero for a civilian use AR-15.  John also briefly talks about “The Gadget” (not to be confused with the Rescue Ranger), and why we don’t go to Camelot.

Let’s Whitlock And Load (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 119, July 5th, 2015)

“We should be really proud of ourselves in the firearms industry. We really (don’t) stereotype in this current generation. We’re very welcoming of either gender. It doesn’t matter what you subscribe to in the firearms community. You show up to class, you perform, you step it up, you behave safely and respectfully, and you show and prove that you’re a dedicated student… Nothing else matters, whether you’re male or female.” – Tatiana Whitlock

On the air with us this week is Tatiana Whitlock from ID Target Systems. Tatiana is a mother and Fine Arts major who got into firearms 5 years ago, and has since become an instructor, NRA spokesperson, and started ID Target Systems, which makes 3D targets. Tatiana talks about the advantages and differences of shooting 3D targets vs. paper targets, and how they help us be able to better visually process information in order to make a shoot/ no shoot decision. We discuss women in the shooting community, stereotypes that may or may not exist, and get her thoughts on “gun bunnies”. As well, Tatiana talks about being the black sheep of her family by being in the firearms community, and talking with those not in the community about firearms and training.

Where The Aneurysm Has Gone There Will Be Nothing, Only Paul Sharp Will Remain (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 118, June 28th, 2015)

“You need to stay focused on what’s important to you, what you love, and determine that no one is going to take you away from (what you love). Whether it’s your child, your wife, your brothers and sisters, (or) your family. Whatever it is, that’s going to motivate you. Now determine within yourself that there’s nothing on this planet that can remove you from that person’s life. They cannot live without you, and you’re not going to let it happen. Period.” – Paul Sharp


Paul Bunyan… er, I mean, Paul Sharp joins us for an episode of silliness, but mainly to talk about mental toughness and how we prepare to get through the things that happen to us. Paul tells his personal tale of dealing with a brain aneurysm, how his mental toughness made him push through days of pain, strange smells and dizziness (even though he probably shouldn’t have), and how his mental toughness helped him get through the ordeal. He talks about things he has done to make him mentally stronger and how you can do the same. Things such as; doing a physical activity and pushing beyond the point of stopping, using your loved ones as mental motivation, and even looking into adventure companies.



How Much Active Shooter Knowledge Could a Chuck Haggard Chuck? (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 117, June 21st, 2015)

“It’s a really bad idea to carry a gun if you don’t have the ability to apply deadly force when you need to. That’s just a bad idea. A gun is not a talisman, it’s not a good luck charm, it’s not bad guy repellant. It’s a tool of deadly force.” – Chuck Haggard


Chuck Haggard joins us for another Ballistic Radio episode to talk about the subject of active shooters, why they happen, and his own personal experiences with them. Chuck covers some things to think about as an individual who wants to prepare for an active shooter scenario, and how personal skill, training, and equipment determine one’s decision on responding to and trying to stop an active shooter. He talks about the importance of just being armed, and being able to get gunfire/tactical pressure on the shooter. We discuss why having a “truck gun” or long rifle in an active shooter incident could have a negative outcome for you. Additionally, we talk about why having medical training and supplies for a mass casualty incident could be critical in reducing number of lives lost.