It’s A Facebook Show! (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 90 – December 14th, 2014)

“My interpretation of the law, how it should be, and what the Founding Fathers’ intention was, is they (ex-felons) should be able to have the same rights and privileges that anyone (has).  If we can not trust those people to have the same rights and privileges as everyone else, they should still be in jail.” – John Johnston


That’s right! Third time is a charm. Although the first and second worked out pretty well too. It’s another Facebook user and listener call in question show. This time we talk about: winter carry options, felons and firearms, effective communication during a critical incident, and much much more! Plus, John finally reads every on air ad perfectly, with people in the studio! (Golf clap)

William Petty, And The Temple Index Of Doom (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 89 – December 7th, 2014)

“You know what no one ever, in a low light engagement, said? I can see too much. I have too many lumens. …I know the big things is like, ‘hey I really want a light that’s like two to three hundred lumens’, yada, yada, yada. I want ALL the lumens! I want ALL of them!” -William Petty

Lonely… John’s so lonely…. With no co-host to be found, John flies solo this episode as he talks with Willam Petty of Sentinel Concepts. William discusses some car related concepts, such as drawing your firearm while seated, carry positions, and how the shape and angle of auto glass have a major impact on a bullet’s performance. William talks about how he broke the internet with his concept of a temple index. And, LUMENS! Mogwais may hate them, but John and William talk about why you shouldn’t, as they discuss the importance of weapon mounted lights.

It Wasn’t Me, It Was The Unarmed Man (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 88 – November 30th, 2014)

“…What people need to understand is it doesn’t matter if a weapon is involved. It matters if I reasonably believe I’m gonna die. If I reasonably believe that this guy is either going to beat me to death or cause serious bodily injury that’s going to affect me either now or the rest of my life, I have a right to defend myself to whatever extent is necessary to make him stop.” – Paul Sharp


What’s as strong as an ox, walks on two legs, and is sharp? Why, Paul Sharp, of course! This time we’re talking about unarmed attackers. No, not armless fast moving zombies, but unarmed individuals who pose a threat that is often times greatly underestimated. Speaking from his experiences as a law enforcement officer and in fight sports, Paul talks about the use of force against people you generally wouldn’t think you’d need to use force against. We discuss Hollywood and the media’s portrayal of unarmed violence, and how it has shaped the general public’s view of the matter. Plus, some quick updates on the KAC Mod 2 and FNS 9L.

Happy ThanksGivens! (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 87 – November 23rd, 2014)

” Most people are programmed, from watching television and movies, to think that missing is both expected and acceptable and missing is not. …In the real world you don’t typically run out of ammo, you run out of time. You run out of time by missing. Every round you fire that misses ate up the time that you could have launched a hit in, but you’ve wasted that time. …Anything that wastes time is a huge problem for us. Missing is probably the biggest waster of time of all.” – Tom Givens


Tom Givens of Rangemaster joins us for another glorious episode of Ballistic Radio. John and Tom talk about things we really need to think about everyday while carrying a gun. Situational awareness, the importance of the draw, and how missing shots is a major waste of time are a few of the topics discussed. Tom also talks about some of the training he offers, and what you should look for in a training class.

What’s My Motivation? (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 86 – November 2nd, 2014)

“We’re prisoners of our own experience. So, when people have gained understanding of an event that might happen… they’ll ratchet up their level of preparation… You can only prepare for what you can conceive of. And if you can’t conceive of what that other person is preparing for, it seems ridiculous.” - Dr. William Aprill


For some reason he keeps coming back for more. Dr. William Aprill joins us for another fun filled show about why criminals and “good guys” sometimes do the things they do. William discusses possible motivations behind the recent emergence of singular terrorist attacks and how they should affect your training regime.  We also discuss self definition as an armed person, how to prepare for unforeseen situations, and how we can grow the gun community without completely alienating “non-gun people”. Plus see just how we’ve improved our ergomenomics!

There Is A Great Disturbance In The Facebook (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 85 – October 26th, 2014)

“You don’t need magnification to hit things at distance. You do need magnification to identify WHAT, you’re hitting at distance.” – John Johnston


We had so much fun doing it the first time that we’re going to do it again! It’s another Facebook user submitted question show, and this time we have the phone lines open, too. John tackles questions on the topics of carry ammo, the popularity of  polymer pistols, and the usefulness of force on force training. Find out if a day of tailgating affects The Minion’s ability to read submitted questions. And perhaps most importantly of all, we find out which Cincinnati style chili John prefers. All this, and more!

Magazines and Lube (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 84 – October 19th, 2014)

“The number one thing, 95% of the reliability and the function out of the gun is the magazine (and it’s condition). Pure and simple.” – Dr. Bill Riehl


Good magazines and proper lubrication, that’s all you need to keep it running strong. Your gun, that is. Get your mind out of the gutter! For this episode of Ballistic Radio, we have Dr. Bill Riehl join us in studio to talk about firearms cleaning/maintenance, lubrication, and common misconceptions about the aforementioned topics. We take the time to answer a few listener calls, and The Minion gets his microphone shut off for failing to pay attention.


Red Dots, and Shotguns, and Truths, Oh My! (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 83 – October 12th, 2014)

“…My whole world came apart because I couldn’t see my sights. …I was having a very difficult time on target identification, where I was having to do identification based on movements and action rather then crystal clear vision.” - Darryl Bolke


If Call of Duty has taught me anything, it’s that you don’t need to put a red dot on a shotgun. You just point it in the direction of your foe, shoot, and magically they get hit and die. This just goes to show that Call of Duty has not taught me anything. Our guest for this show, Darryl Bolke, on the other hand, has lots to teach on the subject of shotguns. Darryl provides a multitude of reasons why using a quality optic on a shotgun is a major advantage. He discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the platform, along with some of the unique skills people need to develop to run one effectively. Plus, we play a game called, “Let’s See if John Can Read All the Ads From Memory Because He Forgot His Laptop at Home”!

The Beavercreek Incident, and How the Feds Made the Internet Cry (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 82 – October 5th, 2014)

“…Handguns suck. Which, if you didn’t already know that, let me try and break the news to you gently and as softly as I know how. Handguns suck. All of them.  Not just all the ones you don’t like, but all of them. Even your favorite one. They don’t do what we want them to do, when we want them to do it.” – John Johnston

Listen closely, and you can probably hear the interwebz crying. Which is one of the topics for this show. No, not grown men crying, but rather the F.B.I.’s recent switch from .40 caliber to 9mm. John talks about the original adoption of the .40 caliber round and what made the F.B.I switch. As well, John and Andy discuss; a shooting incident at the Beavercreek Wal-Mart, introducing ambiguity to training, and the importance of what we say in a 911 call.

Sighted vs. Unsighted Fire (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 81 – September 28th, 2014)

“…If you default under duress to your level of training, and your level of training sucks, it’s natural to focus on your target instead of your sights. But the entire idea that you can instinctively shoot is just ridiculous.” – Lt. Chuck Haggard


Lt. Chuck Haggard of the Topeka, Kansas Police Department joins us once again to give his insight and opinion on the topic of sighted vs. unsighted fire during a gunfight. Lt. Haggard touches on such things as the ineffectiveness of handgun rounds,  the influence of media and culture on shooting tactics, and the unreliability of a post-gunfight memory.  We’re also reminded, once again, about the absolute importance of dry fire practice and proper trigger control.