Comforting or Comfortable? (SEASON 9 EPISODE 358)

“Concealment is a challenge. It’s made up of a number of different things, that can ultimately lead to success, but it requires that you do some research, tinker with your holsters, gun placement, clothing materials, and even clothing style.” – Tessah, Armed and Styled

Joining us for the first time on Ballistic Radio is Tessah, the owner of Armed and Styled, and Director of Customer Development at PHLster Holsters. Listen as John and Tessah discuss the different aspects of concealment from holster choice to the nerdery of fabric selection. What role does fabric choice play in concealment? What fabric is best for this application? All that and more! Ballistic Radio is brought to you by Big Tex Ordnance, where every customer is a friend, not just an order. Visit them online at

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