It’s Not Always About Guns (PODCAST SEASON 7, EPISODE 315)

“ECQC is designed to teach deploying a firearm at extremely close ranges. But when we think that through for a second, the solution is not always to deploy a firearm or a knife. So, both are prima facie deadly force; you pull a knife in the middle of a fight and you are deploying deadly force. At some point we’re going to be in situations that the answer is not to deploy a tool that is used for deadly force.” -Larry Lindenman


Larry Lindenman of Point Driven Training returns to the show to discuss a topic near and dear to his heart: Saps and Jacks (or, depending on the laws in your state, “small impact weapons”). Not every situation that requires force requires lethal force. Like pepper spray, a small impact weapon like a sap or blackjack can be a very viable force multiplier in trained hands. Larry has put more thought than most into designing a curriculum for these tools and is here to share.

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