Fun-Free Zones (PODCAST SEASON 7, EPISODE 317)

“It seems like you get around the personal protection industry folk and, as a newbie, you go ‘Yeah, I want to do this to have fun, but I also want to make sure that I’m doing it right to protect my family…’ and all of a sudden it is like someone takes sand and pours it over your head and says ‘The fun stops here!’” -Melody Lauer


Citizens Defense Research’s own Melody Lauer is back on the show, answering important questions about topics such as whether No Fun Allowed zones are too common in the training industry.


Is it possible to take a serious subject too seriously? In our encouragement of excellence and discouragement of frivolity, can fun be an unintentional casualty and does this drive people away from training? Listen in as these questions and more get hashed out in this episode.

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