Prestidigitation (Podcast – Season 6, Ballistic Radio Episode 279, November 25th, 2018)

“Don’t let your desire to protect your life keep you from living a life worth protecting.” –Melody Lauer


The Facebook user shows are some of the most treasured shows Ballistic Radio has the privilege to put together. In this Facebook episode we get pretty deep into the thoughts, motivations and dedication behind our mutually-shared craft. But don’t you worry, gearheads, there’s stuff in this episode for you, too. John and Melody talk about the things they have changed their mind about in the last six months, the classes and instructors who have most influenced them, and how to make AIWB carry more comfortable to someone who really wants to make it work. There are questions answered about sights, OC spray and when to use it, and even some talk about taking notes in classes for knowledge retention. Can studying street magic make you better prepared to defend your own life? What do concealed carry classes commonly fail to teach their students? All that and so much more.


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