Who Cares (Podcast – Season 6, Ballistic Radio Episode 268, August 19th, 2018)

“‘Why would somebody want to hurt me?’ The correct answer to that is, who cares? It doesn’t matter why they want to hurt you, all that matters is you’ve got to make them stop.” — Tom Givens


Tom Givens is back again to talk about training–why people train, and what kind of classes they are coming to, and what trends have been seen in the training arena lately. Tom has spent much of the last several decades teaching other people how to use a firearm. His classes are some of the more successful in the private sector. Tom shares some of the classes he’s been teaching, why they have been successful and the background behind teaching them. He also talks about one of his less well-known classes on Active Shooters that can only be found at the annual Rangemaster Tactical Conference. This all-you-can-train, once a year event is a smorgasbord of some of the best defensive training from around the country, all in one place!

If you’re interested in what makes some good training and what it looks like, listen in.

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