Five Minutes That Changed the Bureau: Part Two (Podcast – Season 6, Ballistic Radio Episode 260, June 24th, 2018)

“A funny thing happened to me on the way to the gunfight. I didn’t get there… Literally, it was like magic… I’m looking forward. I’m looking at Gordon McNeill and I’m looking at the blue Chevy and it feels like I’m running in slow motion. I’m looking and I’m seeing that I’m getting closer and closer. Then almost like instantaneously–BOOM!–I’m looking up at the blue sky.” — Ed Mireles


Ed Mireles is back in the second episode of this two-part series on one of the the single most significant gunfight’s of modern times: the April 11, 1986, Miami shootout. In the previous episode Ed talked about the events leading up to the final encounter with the notorious bank robbers, Platt and Matix.

This episode opens with FBI agents attempting to stop the stolen vehicle these killers were occupying and the events immediately following. There would be car accidents resulting in lost guns and eye glasses, over 130 accumulated rounds would be fired between eight agents and the two robbers, all but one agent would be wounded, and four people would die.

Finally, Ed takes us on a journey of lessons learned, not only for law enforcement but for anyone who carried a gun for use against violence.

Don’t miss this harrowing conclusion to the story that changed law enforcement forever.


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