Who You Callin’ Instructor? (Podcast – Season 6, Ballistic Radio Episode 257, June 3rd, 2018)

“If the only thing that you’ve got is a 20-hour NRA instructor, whatever, I don’t think you’re qualified to teach.” — John Johnston


On the first Friday of every month we ask our Facebook followers to submit their questions. You ask! We answer.

This month you asked about how you can tell whether or not a firearms instructor knows his or her stuff; about the classification system in many shooting sports and whether or not it is detrimental to shooters; and about talking to spouses about self-defense. In this Facebook user episode we covered j-frame revolvers and their application for self-defense, whether carrying AIWB is dangerous in car accidents, and the difference between hobbyists and those just looking to get enough information and training to be responsible.

Between trying to figure out what language Melody is speaking and trying to figure out scenarios wherein you might actually have too much ammo, John and Melody contemplate if there are any classes they have taken where they have come away with different conclusions and what they have changed their minds about in the last year.

This is a Facebook user show you won’t want to miss.

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