Mirror, Mirror (Podcast – Season 5, Ballistic Radio Episode 245, March 11th, 2018)

“If we can defeat or minimize our orienting response we can launch a counter-attack in such a timeline as to where our adversaries are not going to see it coming.” — John Murphy


It took us some doing, but we finally got him! John Murphy from FPF Training makes his first appearance on Ballistic Radio with some great conversation on mindset and training. Murphy, a former Marine with a deep love for his military roots, has been able to do what many other firearms instructors with similar histories cannot: delineate between training in a military context and training specific to civilians.

Murphy shares the life experiences that led him to the ego-crushing conclusion that he needed more training, and how training has turned into a calling to help others come to similar conclusions. Murphy talks about social vs asocial violence, the difference between a morality and legality, and the ways that people let their own pride and egos screw up their own best options for self-defense.

It’s a content-packed episode filled with introspection and honesty that you won’t want to miss.

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