It’s Kind of a Big Deal (Podcast – Season 5, Ballistic Radio Episode 243, February 25th, 2018)

“If we do this wrong, somebody dies. This is kind of a big deal. This matters. Please, take it seriously.” — John Johnston


We’re back for another Facebook user episode where John and Melody answer your questions that you submitted on Facebook! For your chance to get your questions answered on air and maybe win a cool prize, look for our monthly Facebook user question post on the Ballistic Radio Facebook page. A new post is added on the first Friday of every month at 7:00 pm EST!

In this episode John and Melody trade off asking each other questions about dry-fire practice, what people should carry with them every day, classes specific to learning the law of self defense and so much more. Users asked how much an instructor should demonstrate during class, how instructors balance needing to make money and helping students, and what skills and drills one can practice to maintain shooting skills.

Listen in, and don’t forget to submit your own questions!


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