You Mean You’re Supposed To Aim This Thing? (Podcast – Season 5, Ballistic Radio Episode 229, October 29nd, 2017)

“We’ve been fighting with weapons for 400,000 years whereas firearms [with sights] have been on the scene for right around 500 and change… and the iron sighted weapon–be it rifle or handguns or what-have-you–is the only weapon system we’ve ever really created that required us to stare at the weapon itself to get our desired point of aim to impact where we wanted to impact on the threat.” — Aaron Cowan


It’s the second episode in our series on Red Dots on handguns  and we’re continuing this conversation with Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics. In this episode Aaron discusses his own transition from iron sights to the red dot, the criteria he used to judge its value to his own performance, and the ways he feels people self-sabotage when they try and fail to adopt the RDS sighting system for themselves.

Aaron talks about how the Red Dot has performed in force-on-force that he’s conducted, as well as how he feels about whether new shooters should start on the red dot or on iron sights, and some of the ways that he has diagnosed shooter-errors with mounting and using the red dot. If you’ve been hearing conflicting reports about Red Dots on pistols and aren’t sure if the sight system is for you you’ll definitely want to listen in on this episode.

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