A Large, Out Of Focus Monster, Roaming The Countryside (Podcast – Season 5, Ballistic Radio Episode 206, April 30th, 2017)

“[People] are comfortable with doing what they know they’re good at. That’s why I think a lot of times we see so many students repeat the same programs over and over and over again. They know it. They know their level of comfort with it. They know their ability to do better at it.” — Steve Fisher


When we get large, hairy beasts that resemble humans on the phone they sound like Steve Fisher. The Yeti from Sentinel Concepts joins Ballistic Radio to talk about ego in training, what it is and how it affects both students and instructors. An unchecked ego can keep students from seeking out the training they genuinely need and can hinder instructors from examining their own curricula for effectiveness. How do you check your own ego? Steve is here to tell you!

He’s also here to tell you about the new FN 509, optics on rifles and so much more. Come join the discussion of the worst Stephen King film, the Archer bleep-outs of Fisher and John cursing on air for the first time ever, the shaming of JackJack, and so much more.

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